Dean Winchester is Saved

My mom, I know she wanted me to be brave. I think about that every day. And I do my best to be brave.

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i’m letting these guys go cause im broke and i need the moneys.

Every booklet is made entirely out of cut paper, hand carved, handsewn, etc. Insides: 32 pages of blank, cream colored paper.

They come as a pair, for 15$ the pair, plus around 5$ for shipping in the american continent. I ship everywhere tho!

They take a while to make so I have limited stock, sorry!!

Paypal payment only, contact at guuetche[at]gmail[dot]com.

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omg i can’t stay awake past 11 pm what is wrong with me? why getting old sucks so much?

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Dean/Benny challenge week prompt #6: Monster

Benny tastes it in the air. Ash and sulfur, bitter on the back of his tongue. It’s unfamiliar enough, here, that he takes a moment to place it. Demons don’t bother with Purgatory, generally speaking. Between Hell and earth, they have their hands full.

By the time he’s gotten it figured out, it’s gone.

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a picspam of dean being 300% pretty for abaddonless
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requested by @trustinglucifer

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The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.

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My name is Sam Winchester. That’s my brother Dean. We kill vampires. And werewolves, and demons and basically, we chase down evil and we cut its head off.
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Saturday Night tweeting with Jensen Ackles (x)
Saturday Night tweeting with Jensen Ackles (x)
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Since no axe, spear or blade could touch my son today, he will now be known as  Bjorn  I r o n s i d e
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Any last advice? Stay alive.

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